Backhaul generally refers to the side of the network that communicates with the global Internet or other core network access location. We specialise in creating backhaul links between retail telecommunication providers (eg, Optus, Telstra etc) and new fibre estates. Typically, we provide two methods of backhaul depending on your budget and ease of access to existing infrastructure, including: microwave radio and fibre optics.

Radio backhaul

Microwave radio is used when you need to establish a backhaul link fast and economically. Modern systems are very reliable and can provide 99.9999% up time. They can also transport up to 10Gbps (limited mainly by distance).

Challenges associated with these projects include path profile analysis required in order to establish clean and unimpeded lines of sight between radio links. Our job is not easy, but we will make the process easy for you. You can trust Zenith Technology Group to look after the whole project, from design right through to commissioning.

In these projects, we typically undertake the following tasks:

  • Calculate maximum availability of the link throughout the year
  • Design install solution (mast and fittings) in the appropriate location for antennas
  • Source cabling, and associated products
  • Acquire radio licence for client specific frequency
  • Organise structural engineering compliance
  • Engage and manage contractors as required
  • Install internal racks, power supplies and cabling between indoor and outdoor units
  • Commission – align antennas and test.

Telecommunication tower with antennas against blue sky

Fibre backhaul

The biggest advantage of fibre backhaul is very high data speeds and multiple fibres within one cable (up to 288 fibres). With this comes the challenge is to gain access to pit and pipe to create links which is not always viable economically. We can help by find the most economical solution.

In fibre backhaul projects, we will provide a turnkey solution for providing data link from A to B by:

  • Organising multiple backhaul links between point A and point B
  • Managing and utilising Telstra subducts if available
  • Locating and negotiating access to existing dark fibre networks
  • Hauling fibre, and engaging and managing contractors as required
  • Project managing trenching and boring to installation of new conduits from point A to point B with a choice of fibre (as necessary)
  • Locating and procuring fibre switches and routers and undertaking configuration


Fibre optics to the home is the fast speed internet solution of the 21st century. The governments’ involvement in future funding for the NBN is in doubt. Our solution is similar to the NBN’s in that we use industry standard equipment and can provide internet and phone services.

The key difference with us is that we can provide a full turnkey solution for private estates. What this means is that you get a return on investment by selling phone and internet services as an added bonus the system can carry TV and Foxtel saving you and the client additional TV/Foxtel cabling costs. If your development has it, it has the edge over others, offers a great return on investment and enables a clean roof look (no unsightly Foxtel dishes or TV antennas), across the development.

FTTH caters to the communities of the future, today. Our solution, FTTH, provides a fully integrated telecommunications and building management system. This means that all building management services (power, water, gas  metering and intercoms), TV, satellite, phone and internet are carried over the same cable. We have extensive knowledge in this area having commissioned or managed multiple sites across Brisbane. With a total of 7 years’ experience we have the expertise to provide a well-engineered and a reliable solution.

Engineering support

With over 20 years’ experience in engineering, we can provide engineering support to any telecommunications related project – tailoring product solutions where we integrate information and communications technology (ICT). This can include integrating security cameras with telephone, computers, SCADA and VOIP.

We can support you in your existing projects with project management, testing, installation and design.

Some clients ask us to source a new product and test it to judge its performance. This is where we employ our extensive market knowledge, find suitable products and choose one or two (in collaboration with the client) to test. We put this product through its paces, test support, range and capabilities and then report to our client in succinct and easy to understand manner. These reports are often used with company executives to make a decision on product purchase. Once the client decides on the product, we also provide comprehensive and tailored in-house training.

Technology in the hands

Master Antenna Television system (including Foxtel)

Whether you are looking for a Foxtel solution or a clearer free-to-air TV picture in your motel/hotel, building or an entire complex, Zenith Technology Group has a solution for you. Most of the time, we can do all this without the need rewire the whole building. We specialise in distribution over fibre optics (RFoG).

TV upgrade

Now that Brisbane has converted to digital TV, the old TV cables in multi storey developments are not able to provide clean undisturbed TV viewing. We can help, by evaluating the existing system and providing the most economical way to upgrade it for Digital TV.

Provide additional channels

If you want to create a separate channel, unique to your building or development, where you can share on site events and other important information with your residents, we can help you with this too.  We look after the equipment to install the solution, and we can also engage creative and copy writing specialists to create the advertising content that can be aired on this channel.

CCTV integration

CCTV integration is another feature we can easily add as a separate channel to your TV system. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.


Foxtel solutions

If you need a system designed from scratch, we look after the whole process for you:

  • Requirements evaluation
  • System design
  • Installation and Foxtel approval
  • Pull background cables where required without the need to re-cable the complete building
  • Test and look after ongoing maintenance.

If you have an existing faulty system, we will analyse the faults and find a solution to get you back up and running. Click here to download our brochure about the Foxtel/TV upgrade.

Digital solutions

Many housing developments rely on sales staff or static brochures to answer potential customers’ questions. While this works most of the time, if it gets busy many potential clients are ignored and walk away with their questions unanswered.

We have created a solution that will screen and keep those potential clients busy so the sales staff can concentrate on taking them through to the next level.

The solution is our Home Specifier App displayed on a life-size screen where your potential customers can choose their design specifications, additional extras, exact locations in your development and receive an on the spot quote for their chosen dream home. As part of the process, the customer also needs to leave their contact email which is automatically added to your mailing list.

Future Teamwork

The advantages of the Home Specifier App include:

  • You can screen your potential customers and only spend time with those that are genuinely interested in your development
  • Your customers will be wowed with this app and will be able to ‘create’ their dream home on the spot
  • You will keep their contact details in your database for future contact and marketing campaigns.